Senator Gillibrand Disappointed In Hunger Games Ending, Slams Motherhood


Note: If you haven’t read the entire Hunger Games trilogy and you don’t want to spoil the ending stop reading this post.


Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) was, like, you know, really disappointed in the ending to The Hunger Games trilogy because the heroine of the story, Katniss Everdeen didn’t go on to become a politician. Instead, Katniss chose to have a family! The horror!

Gillibrand lamented the author Suzanne Collins’ choice for Katniss, telling the audience that she would have preferred a female lead that got involved in governing instead of taking a back seat to public life.

“I’m reading it as sort of a women’s rights book and let’s see how this young women empowers herself to do great things. And so the first book you see her really coming out of herself and becoming a leader. In the second book she literally starts a revolution … And so I’m thinking this is a great book to like talk about women’s leadership and what it takes, but I was really disappointed in the ending,” said Gillibrand during a Buzzfeed’s Brews interview.

“In the ending it seemed to me all she did was — importantly she survived — but she just gets married, has kids and fades away. Like she plants roses, that’s all she does. It’s such an anticlimactic ending,” Gillibrand added.

Oh yes, that’s all wives and mothers do – they just fade away and plant roses. That’s what progressives believe.

I’m sure Gillibrand would have preferred to see Katniss go on to become part of a massive government that oppresses the people, or exactly what she led a revolution against.