Senator Cruz Will Do Whatever It Takes To Advance Amendment Defunding Obamcare



During a conference call this afternoon Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) told bloggers that he will take “any measures necessary” to make sure his “Restore Growth First” amendment advances to a vote in the Senate. Cruz would like to see the law repealed in its entirety, but he said he knows that is not going to happen in the current political environment. Instead, the “Restore Growth First” amendment would keep funding from Obamacare until economic growth is restored.

Cruz noted that growth over the past four years has averaged just .08%, while the historic level of growth is 3.3%. “Growth is the key to solving every domestic problem we have,” he said, and added that “Implementation [of Obamacare] could push us into another recession.”

Cruz hopes the amendment will come up for a vote later this week, but he did concede that he doesn’t believe it will garner enough votes to pass. He said that even if it doesn’t receive a majority of votes, it’s important to start framing the conversation around the importance of economic growth. He also believes that if he gets enough support when the continuing resolution is sent back to the House the Republicans will adopt a similar amendment. He also believes it could help state governors resist the urge to sign onto Obamacare.