Resurrecting Milton Friedman (or Rand Paul-ing Economics)


Rand Paul did something as revolutionary against our government’s over reach as the Magna Carta was to the Royal powers of Britain. He, in just under 13 hours, stood American politics on its head. To use a certain vernacular, he transformed America. That transformation, or more accurately reformation, is still young and will require a continued effort to see it through. His focus at the time was the fundamental right of due process and protecting the amendments of the Constitution which protect Americans from unjust actions by a government power. He has said he is just getting started and that is good news for everyone. He already has a small team, a Three Musketeers if you will, with himself, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. That team needs to be supported and bolstered to continue to tear down the overreaching powers of government that have crowded out individual freedom and economic freedom.

To help on the economic freedom side, we need a new Milton Friedman. We need someone who can connect in a personal and intellectual way with common people and, with imperative importance, the young. A special TV series was created in 1980, a rough time economically, by Milton Friedman to educate people about economic freedoms. The Free To Choose internet network has been created to perpetuate the timeless wisdom of this economics giant.

Here for you is an episode of that series which applies equally as well today as it did when it originally aired. Watching it will be the best hour you have spent in a while: