Rand Paul’s “Undocumented Citizens” Path to Legality (and Citizenship)


I posted an article yesterday on the confusion around Senator Paul’s position as reported by the AP after he gave a speech to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. With the inside information from Eric Erickson at Red State, it seemed as though the AP had overstepped its assumptions. Later in the day Rand Paul posted to his Facebook a comment and a link to the Red State post which seemed to me to be a vindication of Eric’s position about Senator Paul’s position.

This morning, thanks to Red State once again, I learned of a February 8th column in the Washington Times written by Senator Paul about immigration reform. In it he unfortunately uses the language of the left (undocumented citizens, undocumented persons) and clearly lays out his vision for a pathway to legality.

After ensuring border security, then I would normalize the status of the 11  million undocumented citizens so they can join the workforce and pay taxes.  I  would normalize them at a rate of about 2 million per year.   I would  start with Dream Act kids, children brought here illegally as minors.   Normalization would get them a temporary Visa but would not put them ahead of  anyone already waiting to enter the country.  These undocumented persons  would now be documented but they would still have to wait in line like everyone  else. But their path to permanent legal status would be no faster than those  currently waiting in line.

There is no reason why a great country like ours wouldn’t want to keep those  like Jonathan Chavez, who came here as a small child from Peru and has a 4.0 at  the University of  Arkansas.

After the year ended, Congress would vote  again to continue or not continue the process based on the report concerning  progress in securing the border. At any point the process can be stopped if Congress does not certify the border is secure.  Gradually, the undocumented persons would immigrate to the United States,  internal immigration as they would not be asked to return home.  These  immigrants would not be given special privileges except that they would not have  to leave the country.  Undocumented immigrants would have a deadline to  apply for this waiver.  The waiver would not be an ongoing beacon to more  illegal immigrants to come.

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I urge everyone to read the entire article. I am concerned about his use of the progressive’s language and It is certain that there is a pathway to citizenship. The pathway  is via an application for visa legal status but not a guarantee of citizenship. I find his approach to this a bit better than the gang of 8’s since Senator Paul’s plan relies very heavily on verifiable border integrity and Congressional oversight approval of border security before any step is made to this mass pardon.

I wish he could be a bit more honest with his position – it is amnesty – we are absolutely pardoning past offenses and Senator Paul wants that pardon with no penalty.

I understand the issue is an issue of people. I understand that many of those people were not the ones who broke the law but were children of the lawbreakers. I understand as well that the likelihood of being able to deport the lawbreakers is extremely problematic  – but that is the point – the progressive policy pushed on us when President Reagan signed his amnesty bill put us in this position. We do have to deal with it.

Let us be completely honest about it though – whatever path is taken, whether it be Senator Paul’s or the gang of 8’s, once these people are pardoned and given legal status and once they are then citizens with voting power they will not vote Republican.