Race to the Top, Common Core Redefine “Rights”


Over the last couple of weeks Glenn Beck has been doing a great job breaking down the insidious public education program known as “Common Core” that is part of the “Race to the Top” initiative. Michelle Malkin was on the forefront of this progressive program and Beck’s The Blaze has helped step up the attack.

If you don’t know what Common Core or Race to the Top is then please educate yourself:

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If you have children and live in New York then this insane “Race to the Top” is being enacted in your school. In fact, it is being enacted in 45 states across the nation. My children’s teachers hate it, as many teachers do, but the district is being force fed this garbage from the state which accepted education money with the condition that this initiative be implemented.

Numerous crazy curriculum stories have been coming out recently and The Blaze has a new one today:

Common Core Uses Scientology Videos to Teach Students They Have Right to Food, Housing, Clothing, Medicine, Even a Job

A parent in upstate New York is claiming there’s even more concerning information being taught to his child as a result of Common Core, the controversial standardized curriculum program being advocated for by the federal government.

The latest example, he says, is that his daughter and her classmates are being taught a section on the 30 “universal human rights” declared by the United Nations in 1945. Those rights include:

• The right to a nationality, and to change that nationality whenever you want to.

• The right to a job for everyone who wants one.

• The right to “social security” (to be taken care of by the government when you cannot do it yourself).

• The right to food, clothing, housing and medicine.

• The right to work and join a union. (One of the rights also states that you cannot be compelled to join an association.)

• The right to play.

In a subsequent phone conversation with TheBlaze, the father — who asked to remain anonymous to protect his child’s identity — added that the school’s principal was not happy about the curriculum mandates, but was powerless to do anything about it. All of the decisions and directions came from the state.

All the “right” things

The video that triggered the man’s initial email to the school is a 9:30 “documentary” titled, “What Are Human Rights?”

Please read more

This is the indoctrination and misinformation that causes so many to think everything is a “right” when it isn’t. It is the same problem that plagues so many on our side who are trying to say that “gay marriage” is a right as well.

Our children are being used and manipulated. Be vocal and let other parents know what is happening and fight this. This isn’t a Democrat/Republican fight, I actually found a left wing site that has a petition against this crap too.