NY Tax Rebate Checks To Arrive Two Weeks Before Election Day – What A Coincidence


NY Capitol Bldg

The $350 tax rebate checks included in the latest NY budget will be sent out two weeks before election day next year. What an odd coincidence.

Just three weeks before Election Day next year, New York plans to mail a $350 check to each of about 1 million families.

The checks would go to families that have at least one child 16 or under and that have gross adjusted incomes between $40,000 and $300,000. And, under a bill set to be voted on this week by the New York State Legislature, those checks will come for three years at a cost of $375 million per year.

“It’s obviously politically motivated,” said E. J. McMahon, senior fellow for the conservative fiscal policy group the Empire Center.

State legislators and Gov. Andrew Cuomo agreed on the tax breaks last week, but details were not spelled out until final portions of the 2013-14 budget were finally printed Sunday. State officials say the checks will help New York’s families and will stimulate the economy. (Read More)

If that’s the case, why not send the checks out immediately? Oh yeah, because people will have forgotten about them by the time the next election rolls around. But they will get a reminder when they file their taxes because they’ll have to claim it.