Now Nancy Pelosi Is Fundraising Off Paul Ryan’s Budget


Somehow I wound up on the DCCC email list and over the past few they’ve been sending out several emails a day begging for money. The latest fear mongering message was from Nancy Pelosi, titled “Not a Good Day.”

Karen —

My day didn’t start off great — with Paul Ryan’s extreme budget passing — but it’s looking a whole lot better!

Since 11am, we have seen incredible levels of grassroots support standing against Ryan’s Medicare voucherizing budget.

Now, we’re less than 900 donations away from reaching 10,000 contributions in just one day! Will you put us over the top?

STAND STRONG AGAINST PAUL RYAN: Give $3 or more before midnight and we’ll match your gift >>



Um, I don’t think so.

And Paul Ryan’s budget is not extreme enough. But it did pass today, and is certainly better than anything proposed by the Democrats.