No, Steven Crowder Did Not Make A Shocking Rape Joke About Ashley Judd At CPAC



HuffPo and other liberal outlets are reporting that conservative commentator Steven Crowder made a “shocking rape joke” about Ashley Judd at CPAC. It’s a complete lie, so of course the left is spreading it far and wide. The Other McCain has the link to HuffPo and here is Crowder’s response.

So HuffingtonPost is outright lying and trying to slander me, and I could really use support.
As you know, Ashley Judd has recently been heard equating both mining and purchasing Apple Products to “rape.” So my commentary at CPAC on her stupid, and insensitive comparisons was exactly this
“This just in, Ashley Judd just tweeted that purchasing apple products is akin to rape… from her iPhone”
I followed it up with “Rape? Really, now she knows what my mind felt like after Divine Secrets of YaYaSisterhood”
Clearly taking aim at Ashley Judd for her stupid rape comments. Instead, HuffPo says that I made a “rape joke” about Ashley Judd. Obviously this narrative is important, and I would reeeaaally welcome some any support in resetting it.

You can watch the video at AOL. Crowder was clearly quoting Judd and commenting on the way she constantly compares mining to rape, but the left never let’s the truth get in the way of a nasty character assassination.

Twitchy has more, including how HuffPo changed the headline after they got called out for their distortion of the truth.