No Cameras Allowed While Obama Wooed The Press At Gridiron Dinner


Obama Laughing

Geez, you’d think that the media that constantly gripes about the White House shutting them out would have demanded that the annual Gridiron Dinner be something to be shared with the public. But I suppose that in doing so they’d expose themselves as being easily swayed by flattery from the object of their affections.

“In an age when all it takes to attract attention is a Twitter handle and some followers, it’s easier than ever to get it wrong.  But it’s more important than ever to get it right.  And I am grateful for all the journalists who do one of the toughest jobs there is with integrity and insight and dedication — and a sense of purpose — that goes beyond a business model or a news cycle,” said Obama.

The dinner is supposed to be light-hearted and in good fun. The dinner was closed to cameras.

He also dissed Bob Woodward, and joked about how he controls the press.

“You notice that some folks couldn’t make it this evening. It’s been noted that Bob Woodward sends his regrets, which Gene Sperling predicted. … I know that some folks think we responded to Woodward too aggressively, but hey, can anybody tell me when an administration has ever regretted picking a fight with Bob Woodward? What’s the worse that could happen?” Obama said.

Some of you have said that I’m ignoring the Washington press corps, that we’re too controlling. You know what, you’re right. I was wrong. I want to apologize — in a video you can watch exclusively at,” Obama said.

So much for transparency.

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