New York Assembly Passes Two Year Moratorium On Fracking



Alternate title: New York Assembly Votes Against Jobs For New Yorkers.

The Democrats controlling the New York State Assembly are doing everything within their power to completely destroy the economy in this state. Earlier this week they voted to make it harder for young New Yorkers to find entry-level jobs, and now this. They passed a two year moratorium on fracking.

New York’s Assembly has voted to suspend until 2015 any action on allowing gas drilling using hydraulic fracturing, which environmentalists fear threatens the public’s health.

The Assembly vote on Wednesday follows a bill introduced Wednesday in the Senate, which would put off the decision by Gov. Andrew Cuomo for up to two years.

The left is always accusing our side of being anti-science when they routinely ignore the scientists on fracking because they’re too busy listening to bone-headed celebrities.

I’d like to know how all of these people heat their homes. They should be banned from using natural gas, or electricity for that matter.

Update: Linked by Daily Pundit  who made me double check that I didn’t have a typo in the headline.