Nanny Bloomberg’s Teen Sex App



Apparently, teen sex is not on Nanny Bloomberg’s hit list.

The Bloomberg administration has launched an app intended to reduce teen pregnancy called “Teens in NYC Protection+” that provides a wealth of health data for kids who are — or are thinking about becoming — sexually active, The Post has learned.

Information about everything from free clinics for HIV and STD testing to receiving condoms and emergency contraception is just a touch away on a smartphone.

The Health Department has yet to publicly announce the app. But the information has been available on the Web site, which has a special section dedicated to teens.

Parents who visit the site are in for a surprising lesson about state law.

“Teens in New York state have a legal right to get sexual-health services without the permission of parents, guardians, boyfriends, girlfriends, relatives or anyone else,” the site advises.

By comparison, a teen is not allowed to go on a school trip without parental consent.

There’s also promotional material by teens for teens, some barely out of junior high school. (Read More)

These people give me such a headache.

The Other McCain weighed in:

Perhaps teens would not be so careless if they didn’t have a gigantic Nanny State welfare apparatus constantly ready to intervene between them and responsibility. The helplessness of the populace — who presumably can neither pay for their own condoms nor find where to get them free without a special smart-phone app — becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you start with the assumption that people are in constant need of guidance and aid from government, then spend millions to provide such “help,” you will eventually produce a certain clientele who are as helpless as you thought them to be.  (Read More)

I think that’s the point behind so many progressive policies.