Kimberlin Crew Targets BlogBash



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The National Bloggers Club is hosting its annual BlogBash party for conservative bloggers next week and Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin and his evil band of miscreants are harassing the BlogBash staff and event sponsors. They even went as far as to call the venue where the party will take place, apparently in an attempt to shut it down.

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My Blog Bash staff and I have been monitoring their online chatter for weeks now. They’ve harassed our sponsors, tried hacking into our personal Twitter and Facebook accounts, and now they’re trying to stop the National Bloggers Club from hosting our annual gathering of bloggers, Blog Bash.

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The venue received a call from a man yesterday. Guess what his name is? “Neal.”

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He called to gather information about Blog Bash, knowing that all of us will be in one room for the first time ever. He tried scaring them. This is harassment and nothing short of a threat.

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Brett Kimberlin is dangerous and we’re taking the threat seriously. His nexus is directly attacking our First Amendment rights — the ability to peacefully assemble and speak the truth.

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They’re trying to put pressure on our venue to drop the largest gathering of center-right bloggers and our allies. The work we all do as bloggers is groundbreaking.

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The private security company and law enforcement have been made aware of the threats, but it doesn’t appear that the bloggers they’re targeting are intimidated. The Other McCain isn’t. Neither is Lee Stranahan, Jackie Wellfonder, John Hoge, Pete Da TechGuy, The Twitchy Team or Jeff Dunetz. I was harassed and threatened by creeps for months on end and they didn’t shut me up, and I’m not about to let them keep me from attending a party.