I Wonder If Mr. #MythOfOwnership Is Enjoying His $1.2 Million Home



There are some things worse than a hypocrite, but hypocrisy is right up there, and it seems to be a mainstay of progressive ideology. Al Gore rails about fossil fuels but lives in a mansion and jets around the world, creating a massive carbon footprint, while spreading fear among the masses. Then you have the ones who constantly rail about income inequality and the need to spread the wealth around to make the world a better place, while they live in luxury. Left wing blogger Matthew Yglesias, Mr. #MythofOwnership, is one of those people. He just bought a $1.2 million Victorian rowhouse in DC. How lovely for him.

Yglesias, after all, mocked property rights as the “myth of ownership.” Andy at AOSHQ says:

“So, party at Matty’s this weekend? I mean, I’m sure he won’t mind if we crash the joint, what with that myth of owning private property and all.”

Twitchy enjoys the rich irony, but before the “Occupy Yglesias” movement encamps on his patio — “a converted Victorian rowhouse, the unit has original exposed-brick walls and a private patio” — let’s observe a couple of key points:…

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I have no problem with the success of others, it’s the hypocrisy of these progressives that steams me. How much do you want to bet that Yglesias avails himself of every possible tax exemption he can get his hands on, while advocating for higher taxes on the rich?This is just so typical of leftists, but usually the damage is done by the time the masses wake up to the fact that progressive policies only enrich the well-connected, while destroying the lives of the rest of the people.

As for the #MythOfOwnership, in progressive states, ownership of property really is a myth. One can spend his or her entire life paying the mortgage on time and paying it off in full, only to lose the home after falling on hard times and being unable to pay the property taxes. Something tells me Yglesias has no problem with that scenario. As far as he’s concerned the state gives us our rights, and the state can take away those rights. Maybe he’ll grow up some day, but as long as the left continues to finance his blogging career –  a career that helps to advance their agenda – don’t hold your breath.

(Photo credit – The Atlantic – on Yglesias’s 26 birthday in 2007.)