Hugo Chavez Dead, Venezuelan Authorities Blame US – Updated


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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has died after he developed a lung infection while being treated for cancer.  The vice president of the socialist country blamed the United States for giving Chavez cancer. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Hours before announcingthe death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez , Caracas expelled two U.S. Embassy officials for allegedly plotting against the government and blamed “historic enemies” for inducing the leader’s his cancer.

“Behind all of [the plots] are the enemies of the fatherland,” Vice President Nicolás Maduro said on state television. He also accused the U.S. of trying to create an “anti-Venezuela climate.”

The vice president called for unity and “absolute discipline” among the ruling Socialist party ranks. (Read More)

Instead of making preposterous accusations against the US they should be pointing the finger at the sub-par treatment Chavez received in communist Cuba.

Update: Heh!

Update: Analysts estimated Chavez’s family fortune to be a whopping $2 billion! I hope the state taxes it all away.