Gun Store Owner To Mark Kelly: No Rifle For You!


Mark Kelly

Former congresswoman Gabby Giffords’ husband Mark Kelly made the news recently when he purchased and AR-15 style of rifle from an Arizona gun store. When the purchase was discovered Kelly claimed he was only buying the gun to make a point. After finding out Kelly’s intent, the owner of the gun store decided to cancel the order.

A background check took only a matter of minutes to complete, Kelly said in the Facebook post, adding that it’s scary to think people can buy similar guns without background checks at gun shows or on the Internet.

But Kelly couldn’t immediately take possession of the rifle because the shop had bought it from a customer. As a result, the store is required by a Tucson ordinance to hold the gun for 20 days to give the city enough time to make sure the weapon wasn’t used in a crime.

Store owner Doug MacKinlay said Monday in a Facebook post of his own that he “determined that was in my company’s best interest to terminate this transaction prior to his returning to my store.”

“While I support and respect Mark Kelly’s 2nd Amendment rights to purchase, possess, and use firearms in a safe and responsible manner, his recent statements to the media made it clear that his intent in purchasing the Sig Sauer M400 5.56mm rifle from us was for reasons other then for his personal use,” MacKinlay said in the statement. (Read More)

The owner also said he had sent Kelly a check refunding his money. I wonder if he also included a note declaring “No rifle for you!”