Governor Cuomo Invited To Saturday’s Second Amendment Rally In Syracuse



I had to laugh when I receive the press release about tomorrow’s Second Amendment rally at the Inner Harbor in Syracuse. Governor Cuomo is invited.  I think it’s safe to say he won’t be attending.

PRESS RELEASE Syracuse Rally; Safe Act Opposition Growing
Billed as a “Civic Duty Action”, a loosely organized grassroots group has issued an invitation to all citizens to take part in a pro 2nd Amendment Rally in Syracuse Inner Harbor Saturday March 23rd.
When asked, “Who is leading this?” the reply is “We the People”! There are no set leaders – no one single organizer. This movement is simply citizens whose fate has been brought together in some mysterious way. We are “connected” and bound only by determination, a message and desire to end insane governance. We are open to all – all are welcomed to join the network “connection” – Yup – Even Gov. Cuomo has an open invitation to do his civic duty. America is turning back to its roots – grassroots. The awakening has happened. America was built by the people – not politicians sitting in ivory towers. The people know what’s best and the people are now showing it. “We the People” should lead – politicians MUST follow – and they are beginning to……Can you hear us now?
Various organizers have held several successful protests in Albany and claim 23,000 citizens from all walks of life joined in Albany’s February 28 event and claim the effort continues to gain support. The “Grassroots” have scheduled the next rally for Syracuse this Saturday (March 23) at Syracuse Inner Harbor from 11am to 2pm. Speakers will include many New York Sheriffs, high profile businessmen, a few politicians and some plain folk citizens. The star of the show will be the loud voices chanting their discontent of dysfunctional political decisions.
With lofty expectations, we have summoned up support from Sheriff Mack to come from Arizona to rally the troops as a prelude for an even larger return to Albany at a later date. Past Rallies have included high profile persons from Texas, Montana, Colorado, Rhode Island, and various parts of the country. Now it’s Arizona and Sheriff Mack’s fire and brimstone joining New York’s controversial issue on the 2nd Amendment.
An addition to this event is the inclusion of a lawn sign that the group claims is the message that simply says it all. The sign reads; ATTENTION CRIMINALS – CITIZENS DO HAVE GUNS – REPEAL THE SAFE ACT. Sheriff Mack will be personally autographing 1,000 of the lawn signs.
The event is free of any cost. It is an outdoor event at the Syracuse Inner Harbor Amphitheater. The grounds open at 10am. Events scheduled to begin at 11am.
I’ll be there, and will post pictures and video after the event.