FrackNation Producer Withdrew From IMF Conference After Being Censored


Have you seen FrackNation, Phelim McAleer’s documentary on fracking and the lies the left and celebrities are spreading about it? If not, you should. It’s very eye opening. What stood out for me is the Pennsylvania couple that insists that fracking has tainted their water, even though multiple tests show their water is clean. Also notable is that the farmers and other rural folks benefiting from fracking are being ignored. If not for this technology some of these farmers (who provide food for all of us) would be out of business.

The left is so weird – they’re all about buying local, and they loathe the big conglomerate farms, while at the same time they’re working overtime to put small farmers out of business. Go figure.

Anyway, McAleer was invited to be the keynote speaker at an International Monetary Fund conference. Unfortunately, he had to decline because they wanted to muzzle him.

PRESS RELEASE | March 20, 2013

Hollywood, CA—Phelim McAleer, journalist and director of controversial “pro-fracking” documentary FrackNation, has withdrawn from an International Monetary Fund (IMF) Conference after the organizers censored his presentation and speech.

IMF would not allow him to play a clip fromFrackNation that criticized Russia about its opposition to fracking.

“It’s actually unbelievable that a conference by IMF and Oxford University would want to censor one of their speakers to protect one of the wealthiest countries in the world,” McAleer said to the Washington Free Beacon. “Do people really want to go to a conference where opinions on powerful people are censored?”

Phelim was scheduled to give the keynote address on March 20 at the Understanding International Commodity Price Fluctuations Conference.

The problem is that McAleer has been critical of the Russians, who don’t want competition in the global natural gas market. The Soviet Union might be dead, but that doesn’t mean Russia doesn’t maintain some sort of control over the prior SSR’s by being their sole gas supplier. There’s nothing like turning off people’s power supply in the middle of winter to keep them in line.


Just as a side note, the local news tonight reported on a poll that found the majority of New Yorkers are against fracking. Never mind that it will never occur where most of those polled live. When it was broken down by region, a majority in the Southern Tier (where the people will benefit) were in favor of it. I don’t know why anyone north and west of the Hudson River still wants to be a part of this putrid state. It’s getting embarrassing.