EPA Dodges Industry Group Info Requests While Giving Sensitive Info To Envirokooks



The Environmental Protection Agency has been dodging and delaying Freedom of Information requests from industry groups like the US Chamber of Commerce. Bill Kovacs documented how the agency has been routinely failing to respond to the Chamber’s FOIA requests. That’s bad enough, but what’s even worse is that they have no problem giving out sensitive information to the envirokooks who support their radical agenda.

EPA’s disingenuous behavior in responding to FOIA requests, however, goes beyond postponements and holdups. According to recent reports, EPA, in response to a FOIA request, readily provided certain environmental groups with sensitive and confidential information, including the names and locations of animal feeding operations in 30 states. The bottom line: while EPA ignores and mishandles FOIA requests from industry groups like the U.S. Chamber, it goes to extraordinary lengths to assist its environmental advocacy group allies. (Read More)

So much for transparency.