Democrats Rethink Support For Ashley Judd Senate Bid


Ashley Judd

This is funny. Ashley Judd is said to be seriously considering a run for Senate in Kentucky, even though she was a delegate for Barack Obama from Tennessee. She also has compared mining to rape, which probably won’t play well with the good people of Kentucky. Not to mention that she’s a bit nutty and has been seen naked by more people than any Senate candidate ever. So I can’t see why the Democrats are rethinking their support for her. Hahahaha!

A survey for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee of the Kentucky Senate race may be cause for the DSCC to ‘re-evaluate’ the committee’s initial interest in Ashley Judd’s potential campaign for Kentucky Senate, according to a recent report.

According to the Louisville Eccentric Observer, after receiving the results of the poll, the DSCC is “re-evaluating” its initial “all-in” support for Judd.

The poll was conducted for the committee by Fred Yang, who formerly worked for Gov. Steve Beshear (D), The Hill has learned.

But some Democrats in Kentucky remain skeptical of her candidacy, concerned that she could cost them a winnable race due to her liberal political leanings and connections to Obama, which could they fear could be toxic in a state that voted for GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney by more than 60 percent in 2012.

Judd also currently lives in Tennessee, though she grew up in Kentucky, and Republicans have already sought to make her residency an issue. (Read More)