Creepy Kimberlin The Stalker



Brett Kimberlin is getting even more creepy and disturbing. Aaron Walker tells the story of how Kimberlin stalked his wife, who was waiting in the car outside a hearing to avoid Kimberlin. It didn’t work.

I saw Kimberlin come into the courthouse as expected but apparently I missed when he slipped out.
I didn’t know this at the time, but when Kimberlin arrived, he had parked his car, a gold Toyota Prius, right behind mine.  This was almost certainly done on purpose.  After all, my car was probably the only car in the parking lot with Virginia tags.  My car had pulled in, nose first, into the space.  Kimberlin’s prius was across the aisle with the back end of his car facing the back end of our car.
So as he came back towards his car, he decided to make a detour and started to approach my car as though to do… something.  He came within a foot of it with his hand reached out.  We are uncertain of what his intentions were, but given we are talking about a convicted bomber, you can draw your own conclusions.  My wife watched this happen from the passenger seat and started emailing and calling me, trying to get my attention.  But where I was sitting in the building—near the security station—had terrible reception.  So I didn’t get the calls at all, and the emails didn’t come for a long time.
So Kimberlin approached the car as if to do something to it.  Then he looked into the passenger side mirror and his eyes locked with my wife’s.  He proceeded to go around the car in a rectangular pattern, sometimes approaching sometimes going away, looking into its interior and at my wife.  Then he walked away back to his car, which you will remember was right behind ours.
Read the whole thing. Oh, and remember, this is the guy who earns a living off his private “charities” that receive funding from all sorts of leftists.