Who Says Conservatives Are Anti-Immigrant Meanies?



I’m sick and tired of liberals painting conservatives as anti-immigrant meanies. We’re not anti-immigrant. We just want people to follow the law. We’re not mean. We just believe that big government is not the answer to society’s problems.

A friend of mine here locally works with Bhutanese immigrants. As far as I know, he isn’t paid to do it. He just helps them out whenever he can. He frequently braves the cold blustery days to bring the kids down to Clinton Square for ice skating. You don’t have to watch this whole video to get the idea, a few minutes of these kids laughing and having fun is all you need.

This is what conservatives are about. We don’t look to government to solve problems, or make kids smile. When we see a need we volunteer our time or our money, not to give a hand out, but to give a hand up. Lately all the government does is create more dependents.

Oh, and yes, that is the same skating rink where I broke my wrist.

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