Warmists Gathered In Frigid Temps To Protest Keystone Pipeline


global warming

Global warmists gathered in Washington, DC on a frigid Sunday to protest the proposed Keystone XL pipeline which President Obama has not yet approved. He wasn’t even in DC but maybe he heard about it on the news. No doubt many of those protesters burned up a lot of carbon to get to DC, but I’m sure they don’t want to talk about that. I just wonder why they always plan these things on the coldest days of the year. Don’t they get the irony? Oh well, at least they had those polar bear suits to keep them warm on such a cold day.

Temperatures dropped to the low 30s Sunday afternoon as participants danced and cheered and waved signs protesting the Keystone XL pipeline, which will carry oil from Alberta’s oil sands down through Cushing, Okla., and on to refineries along the Gulf Coast….

Banners and speakers whipped in the 26-mile-per-hour winds around the stage near the Washington Monument as protesters donned hoods and gloves to shield themselves from the chilly weather.

Climate activists have said constructing the pipeline would enable oil companies to expand production from western Canada’s massive oil sands fields, and that the thick tar-like material requires processing that leads to far higher greenhouse gas emissions than from typical oil production.

Van Jones, founder of Rebuild the Dream and former Obama special adviser for green jobs, said Obama’s recent comments on climate change in his inaugural address and the State of the Union were welcome, but climate activists must hold the president accountable to ensure he follows through. (Read More)

No climate change protest is ever complete without commie Van Jones on hand to help rile p the masses.

I guess they prefer that Canada sell its oil to China while gas prices here in the United States soar.