Wait For It – All Bad Economic Data From Now Till Next Natural Disaster Will Be Blamed On Nemo


“What’d I do?”

“Winter Storm Nemo” is headed our way. It’s not supposed to be too bad here in Central New York, but the New England states could get more snow than they’re used to.  Whatever happens, expect the government to blame Nemo for all negative economic data from tomorrow on through to the next natural disaster. It’s what they do. Otherwise they’d have to admit that their policies stink.

Just as it was all tropical storm Sandy’s fault for somehow impacting the national economy from California, to Florida, to Oregon and all the way to Vermont, but more importantly – giving economists a scapegoat on which to blame the acute weakness in economic data in the November timeframe, so tomorrow’s “historic” blizzard will be the inevitable reason for which the economy will once again perform “below expectations.” It will have nothing to do with the ongoing reign of authoritarian terror conducted by the residents of the Marriner Eccles building, which has made a baseline growth rate of 1% in the artificial economy an optimistic outcome. Because, as everyone knows, in a centrally-planned, priced to absolute perfection economy, no exogenous variables, such as snow storms in the middle of winter, can possibly be allowed or certainly factored for. Which is why expect to hear a whole lot more in the next 24 hours about Blizzard Nemo: after all propaganda patterning demands that everyone has a clear image of the perpetrator when the time comes to cast all blame on one single event and to distract from the real cause of now structural underlying economic weakness.

Sure enough, moments ago the National Weather Service just issued a blizzard warning from 6 am Friday until 1 pm Saturday.

Read the whole thing, and remember this next week or the week after when you hear them all blaming Nemo for everything that ails this already sick economy.

Update: Boy, they’re all really hyping this storm big time. BofA is even encouraging a run on ATM’s. The government is in on the hype, too. It’s just so weird for us where we live.  We’ve had a few big storms that hit at just the right time to be a big pain in the neck, but for the most part dealing with snow is just something you have to do. It reminds me of this picture I saw on facebook last night. The math is a little off, but it pretty much sums it up.

driving in snow

Well, I say, “Hold my Diet Coke.”

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