Video: So God Made A Liberal


Obama smoking

God made lots of great things, like farmers. He also made liberals, so Supermexican played tribute with this fantastic video that’s already going viral. Maybe between now and the next Super Bowl they can raise enough money to air this ad.

“And on the ninth day, God spilled some coffee on an angry possum and God made a liberal. God said, ‘I need someone willing to get up at the crack of noon and check their facebook and tweet vile things, take a nap, borrow money from their parents and stay out all night drinking Pabst ironically and snorting bath salts, and whine until midnight.’ So God made a liberal. He said ‘I need a person that can take a thriving community and turn it into a debt ridden, post apocalyptic welfare state….'”

It just gets better from there. Watch:

H/T The Other McCain