Video: Ashley Judd For Tennessee, Er, Kentucky


I know a lot of conservatives are ticked at Karl Rove, with good reason, for running to the NYT to leak American Crossroad’s new strategy of dissing the tea party supporting the most electable conservative candidates they can find. I get that we need to be wary of nominating guys like Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin, who hurt the entire party and the conservative brand, but Rove should have known better than to think the NYT wasn’t going to use the scoop to further divide conservatives and Republicans.

That being said, this ad that American Crossroads put out today is really good. Ashley Judd, a self described “delightfully radical” out of Hollywood who would follow Obama anywhere, wants to run for the US Senate in Tennessee. I mean Hollywood. No wait, Kentucky. That’s it! Kentucky, where Ashley will feel right at home among all of the “hillbillies.”

Maybe American Crossroads should stick to making ads like this, and stop alienating the grass roots.