VA Spent $273 Million On Digitized Claims Filing And Actually Slowed Down The Process


Here is exhibit number 9208 showing the complete incompetence of the federal government. The Veterans Administration spent $273 million on a new digitized claims system and the result is a much slower process. It sounds like they just put the new system into place without testing it first and working out the glitches.

The Washington Guardian has the scoop:

The Veterans Affairs Department has spent $273 million trying to go from paper to digital claims, but it’s off to a bumpy start. In fact, veterans claims sent digitally are being processed more slowly than the traditional way.

That’s the finding of a new investigative report by the VA’s inspector general that provides a stark looks at the flaws in a project that was supposed to speed, not slow, veterans’ benefits.

The Veterans Benefits Management System “experienced a number of  performance issues including system failures, slowness and errors in generating notification letters for veterans,” the inspector general said in an investigative report.

The program so far has cost $273 million, and officials said they plan to spend an additional $92 million by October. (Read More)