Two Cents



To avoid the sequester all the geniuses in DC need to do is come up with cuts of two cents for every dollar spent. That doesn’t sound too hard does it?

Two cents out of every dollar. Based on federal spending last year, that’s approximately how much Washington would have to cut to offset the sequester.  But instead of getting out the red pens and finding a couple of pennies per dollar in waste and inefficiency, (surprise, surprise) Washington is once again coming hat-in-hand to the American people for more money.  As they do, here’s something to consider:  If you’ve run up four straight trillion dollar deficits, are on pace for a nearly $20 trillion national debt in the next four years, and still can’t cut two cents on the dollar, you might have a spending problem. (Read More)

But the Democrats keep telling us we don’t have a spending problem. They want to spend more.