The Two-Word Presidency


Chris Rock

We conservatives used to complain that Democrats boiled issues down to short bumper-sticker slogans. In the Age of Obama it’s even worse. Every issue, no matter how complex, or how nuanced, always comes down to two words.

Who wouldn’t want to live in Washington? It’s a wonderful world, a place where every problem of life can be reduced to just two words. Gun control. Immigration reform. Climate control. The deficit, which of course can be solved in two words: a “balanced approach.” Things so hard haven’t been so simple since Tinker Bell taught children to fly in “Peter Pan,” also with two words—pixie dust.

Read the whole thing. In the Age of Obama, all that’s needed are two words, because the media will always come along and add the nuance and context he’s looking for.

Oh, and then we have the Chris Rock’s of the world coming up with two words of their own – “Our dad.” How freaky is that?