Svitlana? Who’s This Svitlana? The Menendez Plot Thickens!


My laptop picked the wrong night to start having problems. More on that later, for now, I’ll just link to the latest breaking news on Senator Bob Menendez’s “HookerGate” scandal. Who is this lovely woman who calls herself Svitlana (and sometimes Svetlana) Buchyk?

And why is this woman who calls herself Svitlana Buchyk hanging out with the chairman of the Senate’s foreign intelligence committee?

The story on this photo – where it came from and how it’s connected to Menendez – can be found at Breitbart News.

The Other McCain has been all over this story since my earlier post. You can read his updates here, here and here. Read them all, this story is huge. The media can only ignore and dance around it for so long. Maybe the White House had more information about this growing scandal than they were letting on, which would explain why Jay Carney didn’t want to comment on it last week. Not that Harry Reid had any problem standing up for a putrid, ethically-challenged pedophile.