So Many Deranged Lunatics, So Little Time



I can’t keep up with these lunatic monsters on the internet. Just thinking about them enrages me. But finally at least a few of them may have to answer for their crimes.

WJJ Hoge has filed charges against the worst offenders.

Yesterday evening, evidence was presented to a District Court Commissioner in Westminster, Maryland, and the Commissioner found it sufficiently persuasive that he issued summonses to Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser, and Bill Schmalfeldt for Harassment and Misuse of Electronic Communication. A summons was also issued to Bill Schmalfeldt for Unauthorized Access to a Computer.

On 19 April, preliminary hearings will be held in Westminster to determine if there is probable cause to try these individuals for the crimes indicated.

Lee Stranahan has also filed charges against Schmalfeldt, who turned around and threatened him during a deranged rant.

“It’s all horsesh-t. It’s all absolute horsesh-t. And I and my family have been put through pain and suffering because Lee Stranahan has a grudge. Because somebody, in my opinion, is paying Lee Stranahan to file these charges against me, in the hopes that I will either break or die. I got some f–king news for you, Stranny — Walker, Hoge, Frey — beware the Ides of March.”

How civil. So, why did Schmalfeldt mention the Ides of March? Could it be a certain event that draws thousands of conservatives and hundreds of right of center bloggers?

What famously happened on the Ides of March? An assassination. And March 15 this year occurs during CPAC, which Stranahan will be attending (he’s nominated for a Blog Bash award).

This guy is seriously deranged.

There’s also Schmalfeldt’s megalomanic persecution complex, as evidenced by his claim that the harassment charges were filed “in the hopes that I will either break or die.”

No, Bill: You were charged with harassment because — wait for it – you were engaged in harassment.

The obsession, the fixation, the inability to step back from the situation and view it with anything like objectivity — these are symptomatic of a deranged mind, and why Schmalfeldt focused his madness on Lee Stranahan is somewhat mysterious. Schmalfeldt started cyberstalking Aaron Walker in June, and peripatetically hopscotched around to attack various other enemies of Brett Kimberlin over the course of ensuing months. In November, Schmalfeldt’s stalking of me escalated to the point that he threatened to contact my wife and sent me more than 200 harassing Twitter messages in the span of 48 hours. And through it all, Schmalfeldt has insisted that his targets deserve his malicious attention, that they are guilty of some heinous wrongdoing that Schmalfeldt is obligated to “investigate” and “expose.”

It seems nothing can dissuade Schmalfeldt from his persistent delusions of grandeuradequacy. Schmalfeldt’s response to being charged with harassment? Threats of retaliation: (Read More)

Unfortunately, Schmalfeldt isn’t the only psychopath out there on the world wide web.

In a post at’s new group-blog thingie, Mandy Nagy asks “Is Social Media Breeding Monsters?“ and offers this sampling of evidence in support of the answer, “Oh, hell, yes”:…

Read the whole thing.

I’ll just leave it at that because I don’t want to spend one more minute thinking about these evil, disgusting people tonight.