Shocking News! Harry Reid Caught In A Lie!


Harry Reid Professional Liar

Okay, so it’s not really all that shocking that Harry Reid, the Senate Leader with a D after his name, was caught in not one, but two lies in one segment of one interview. Democrats lie all the time, it’s what they do. They’re professional liars. If they told the truth they’d never win elections. But I suppose it’s notable when they’re called on their lies by people outside of the “right wing” blogosphere and Fox News. called out Senator Harry Reid for being doubly wrong in his claim that Congress has already cut $2.6 trillion from projected future deficits by reducing non-defense programs alone.

The site explained that not only did the legislation he referred to applied to both security and non-security spending, but that a considerable part of the deficit reduction came from tax increases and not spending cuts.

The worst part? The senator made the same erroneous statement twice. Reid made the affirmations on ABC’s “This Week” on Feb. 3rd, were he also added that further deficit reduction should include more tax increases and cuts in military spending.

Read the whole thing. You’ll also be able to see video of Reid lying through his teeth with a big smile on his face. But first you’ll have to sit through hearing George Stephanopoulos calling Paul Krugman a Novel award winning economist and Reid waxing eloquent about his deep love of guns. Oh, and of course, Stephanopoulus didn’t exactly press Dingy Harry too hard on his outrageous claims.