Pro-Life Leaders Outline New Messaging Strategy


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Pro-life leaders outlined a new messaging strategy this evening during a blogger conference call. Troy Newman of the Pro-Life Nation Pac and Rich Lepoutre of LifeCause PAC believe it’s time for a new approach in the fight against abortion. The plan is to shift the debate to one of dollars and cents. Newman raised the question “What does fiscal policy have to do with abortion,” before making the point that the federal government is borrowing 46 cents for every dollar it spends.  Lepoutre compared it to putting “abortions on the nation’s credit card.”

Planned Parenthood has $1.2 billion dollars in assets, yet the largest abortion provider in the United States still receives $500 million per year in funding from the federal government. “Why are American taxpayers funding America’s largest abortion provider?” asked Newman. The big debate in Washington, DC right now is the upcoming sequestration which will cut funding for the military. So again, they wonder, why are we cutting breakfast for our troops in Afghanistan while funding abortions here at home?

The groups also plan to spend more time highlighting the many instances of botched abortions that result in great harm and even death for women. Those are things the left never brings up when they go on about the “war on women.” Dying on the table of an abortionist hardly sounds like “reproductive justice” to me, especially for a baby that had no say in the matter.

The new campaign begins with an ad that will be running in Speaker John Boehner’s Ohio district, urging him to stop borrowing money from China to kill babies. “Save money, save babies” is a mantra they believe will be effective.

One thing we can be sure of, whatever tactics the right-to-life movement comes up with, Planned Parenthood will come out strongly with a new campaign of their own. They’ll be aided by our tax dollars, the Democrats and the media. It’s always an uphill battle, so any new strategies in this fight are certainly welcome. Who knows, maybe they’ll be able to shift the debate.

Here’s the video, what do you think? (It there’s a problem with the video, watch it on You Tube.)

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