Poll Shows 17% Of Male Marines Would Quit If Women Serve In Combat


As far as polls go, 17% isn’t a huge number. But when you’re talking about 17% of the United States Marine Corps quitting if women join their ranks in combat it’s a pretty big deal.

A Marine Corps survey found about 17 percent of male Marine respondents who planned to stay in the service or were undecided said they would likely leave if women move into combat positions.

That number jumped to 22 percent if women are assigned involuntarily to those jobs, according to the survey.

Also listed among the top concerns by male Marines about the policy change were fears about being falsely accused of sexual harassment or assault, fraternization, and preferential treatment of some Marines. (Read More)

Not that this administration cares. Just look at the complete idiot Obama has nominated for defense secretary. It’s like they’re trying to destroy the military. And we’re supposed to think Hagel was prepped for weeks before his confirmation hearing? They really do think we’re stupid.

Forget women in combat, how many will quit if this anti-American numbskull is confirmed?