Photos From Aboard The Cruise From Hell


The passengers on the doomed Carnival Triumph still have several hours on board the floating petri dish. By all accounts it is the cruise from hell. A fire took out the electricity and much of the plumbing. The stabilizers aren’t working properly, so the ship’s been lurching through the ocean. There are reports of sewage  sloshing out of the stopped up toilets, and passengers being forced to use plastic bio-hazard bags as bathrooms. What a disgusting nightmare. If that wasn’t all bad enough, the tow line broke, extending the horror for hours.

Via The Daily Mail here are some of the photos. (There are many more at the link.)

Here’s the deck of the ship that’s turned into a make-shift tent city. Passengers are sleeping out there because it reeks so badly inside.

Carnival Tent City



Here’s a waste bag waiting to be disposed of by the staff.

Carnival Waste Bag



The lines for food are long, as you can see in this photo.

Carnival Food Line


This one shows the filthy floors.

Carnival Dirty Floor


Some passengers have reported illnesses due to the unsanitary conditions, and once they dock in Mobile, Alabama they face several more hours of travel and a possible overnight stay in New Orleans. The cruise line will refund the price of this cruise, give each passenger $500 as well as a voucher for a future cruise. I wonder how many of them will want to step foot on another Carnival cruise ship again.

Oddly enough, Carnival’s investors haven’t fared that badly (so far) even in the middle of this PR debacle.

Update Friday 2/15: The ship is now safely in port and the passengers are all on their way home. I should add that many passengers reported that the crew on the ship did a wonderful job making things as bearable as possible during this ordeal.