Oops! Media Forgot To Report On The $14 Trillion Global Greening Project


The World Economic Forum ran from January 22 to January 27 this year, yet the media didn’t have a whole lot to report from the meeting of some of the world’s biggest players. One thing they ignored was a call for a $14 trillion global green initiative that would cost the United States taxpayers a fortune. I guess they were too enthralled with the testimony of Hillary Clinton to cover any other news.

The World Economic Forum called for $14 trillion in environmental initiatives, yet none of the three major networks even mentioned it in their evening news segments from January 22, or their morning news segments from January 23. They even failed to mention that there was a conference at all.

The proposed spending would add up to about $700 billion a year until 2030, the British news outletThe Independent reported on January 22. Mexican President Felipe Calderon, who leads the Green Growth Alliance, argued that investing this type of money would be offset by reducing the damage caused by climate change.

The Davos conference is always a major global event. According to USA Today “Some 2,655 business leaders, politicians, academics, billionaires, artists and would-be world-changers are attending the gathering … this year. More than 800 of them are from the U.S.” Yet, ABC, CBS and NBC failed to mention the conference at all.

The Forum is a meeting of some of the top financial minds from around the globe discussing current economic issues, and trying to arrive at solutions. First organized in 1971, the Forum is held each January. (Read More)

This is just another big wealth redistribution scheme of the world’s statists, and we got not a peep from the media. Figures.

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