Obama Waited Until Yesterday To Reach Out To Boehner And McConnell On The Sequester



For weeks President Obama has been running around like Chicken Little telling us the sky will fall if the sequester he proposed and signed into law takes place.  If it’s really such a doomsday scenario, wouldn’t you think he’d have reached out to Republican leadership months ago? If so, you’d be wrong. According to Politico, he didn’t open up communication with them until yesterday.

President Barack Obama’s greatest adversary in the latest budget battle isn’t the Republican leadership in Congress — it’s his confidence in his own ability to force a win.

He has been so certain of his campaign skills that he didn’t open a line of communication with House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell until Thursday, a week before the spending ax hits. And when they did finally hear from Obama, the calls were perfunctory, with no request to step up negotiations or invitations to the White House.

That’s because Obama’s all-in on an outside strategy, doing just about everything other than holding serious talks with Republicans. In the last two days alone, he’s courted local TV anchors, called in a select group of White House correspondents to talk off the record, chatted up black broadcasters and announced plans to stump next week at Virginia’s Newport News Shipyard. Throughout, he’s talked in tough terms that signal little interest in compromise — or suggestion of backing down. (Read More)

Not only is he showing little interest in compromise, he’s been been out there vilifying and smearing Republicans.  That’s all he does, well, besides trying to scare people and going on vacation. It’s getting so old, watching how he creates these problems and then lies about it day in and day out. It’s like Groundhog Day.

This is his mess.

Via The Pirate’s Cove