Obama To Shift Birth Control Mandate From Religious Organizations To Insurance Companies


The libs have been screeching all day over new proposals regarding exempting religious organizations from paying for birth control for employees. These people are so stupid they don’t realize that all they’re trying to do is shift the cost onto insurance companies, which will in turn shift the cost us onto the rest of us.

The Obama administration on Friday outlined options for letting religious universities, hospitals and charities opt out of the contraception requirements in the 2010 health-care law.

The proposals include a plan to create separate health-insurance policies for contraception coverage for the employees of certain religious organizations. These policies would be funded by insurance companies.

The administration said that when the employer self-insures, meaning they act as insurance companies by assuming the full responsibility for the health costs of their workers, then the policies would be funded by fees on insurance policies sold to participants in a new federally run health-insurance exchange starting in 2014. (Read More)

So the Sandra Flukes of America can calm down, they’ll still get their free birth control funded by their fellow citizens. The bigger issue here is how this whole thing was cooked up to generate the “War on Women” meme that the Democrats used as a bludgeon against Republicans in the last election.