Obama To ‘Pivot’ Back To The Economy – Again!



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President Obama is going to use his State of the Union address to “pivot” back to the economy. Haven’t we heard this before? He hasn’t done a darned thing to help the economy. Everything he and his bureaucratic army do on the economy causes harm, but he wants us all to think economic growth is his number one priority. What a joke.

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Since his inauguration, Obama has traveled outside Washington to make high-profile speeches, with an address on immigration reform in Las Vegas and on gun control in Minneapolis.  That big speech on the economy, by far the public’s number one concern?  It hasn’t happened.

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So now, the White House is telling everyone that Obama will “return” to the issue of jobs and the economy in his State of the Union address.  In articles in the Washington Post, the New York Times, Associated Press and elsewhere, White House aides are claiming Obama realizes that the economy is still the public’s number one issue. …

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Obama’s slighting of the economy is nothing new.  Critics charged throughout his first term that at a time when economic conditions bordered on the desperate, the president devoted more than a year of his energies to passing a national health care scheme.  At the time, the White House promised it would “pivot” to the issue of jobs and the economy at some future time.  That time never came.  Meanwhile, all the polls showed deep public concern over the economy.

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Now, apparently, Obama has noticed public opinion.  “Obama’s return to an overtly economic message is supported in part by polls,” reports the Post, which notices “a gulf between what Obama has been talking most about publicly since his reelection and what most concerns the American electorate.”  (Read More)

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So, what do you think he’s going to say in his SOTU address? No doubt he’ll call for taxing the rich more and giving people a “fair shot” and all of the other nonsense he spews.

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