Obama Threatens To Cut Education And Food Safety



In an effort to make Republicans look bad and force concessions on the upcoming sequestration the White House is threatening to cuts things like education and food safety. You know, they’re doing what they always do.

Seeking to build political pressure on Republicans, the White House on Friday laid out some of the costs of looming spending “sequesters,” saying the administration would cut 70,000 youngsters from Head Start, would reduce federal loans to small businesses and slash the number of food safety inspectors on the job.

The White House said the $85 billion in cuts, chiefly coming in defense but also covering basic domestic spending, would hurt the economy.

“There is no question that we need to cut the deficit, but the president believes it should be done in a balanced way that protects investments that the middle class relies on,” the White House said.

Under the 2011 debt deal, the automatic cuts are slated to take effect every year for the rest of this decade, in exchange for Congress giving President Obama the authority to borrow more money.

All of that borrowing space has been used up, but Mr. Obama wants to cancel the cuts and replace them with tax increases instead, arguing that the wealthy can afford to pay more in order to spend on those priorities. (Read More)

But wait, didn’t they just increase taxes on the wealthy. Oh yeah, they’ve already spent all of that money.