Obama Fail-O-Meter Torn Down From House Wall


Texas Rep. Steve Stockman put an Obama Fail-O-Meter on a wall in the Cannon House Office Building and it was promptly removed. What a bummer. But he says it will be back.

“Washington needs more free speech,” said Stockman.  “Millions of Americans are waiting for Obama to reverse his course and create jobs.  The Obama Failometer is an objective, mathematical measure of Obama’s failure to create jobs.  It is an important tool to focus attention on black and Hispanic unemployment and spur discourse on actions that create jobs for everyone.”

“The Obama Failometer may not be allowed in Congress but it will be back somewhere, and bigger,” said Stockman.  “Tearing it down created more labor than Obama has.”

Here’s a picture taken before it was torn down.

Obama Fail-O-Meter

Stockman will also be live tweeting the SOTU address tonight and hopes he doesn’t have to use the hashtag #YouLie. I’m thinking maybe I’ll just follow that rather than watching the speech myself.

Oh, and Stockman’s guest tonight will be Ted Nugent. That ought to be interesting.