Obama Campaign Busing Protesters To Albany To Organize For Cuomo – Update – OFA Calls Off The Dogs


See update below-OFA’s called off the dogs.

President Obama’s new campaign arm, the “non-profit” Organizing for Action, is busing rabble rousers to Albany, NY to “organize” for Governor Andrew Cuomo’s unconstitutional gun control law, a law Cuomo already rammed through and passed. Oh, and they’re being offered free food.

Thanks to Nice Deb for alerting us to this:

As I noted in my previous post about Organizing For Action’s miniscule NRA protest in Fairfax, VA  — give them time — they’re just getting started. They’re trying for an Act II in Albany, NY to show support for Cuomo’s draconian gun laws, this time offering some free food, and a free ride, so the drones will come. They will be joining forces with Obama’s purple clad shock troops, the SEIU.

Via Gateway Pundit:


It’s kind of late notice, but if any of you Upstate New Yorkers can get to Albany to document this little event, please send pictures and video.

Update: The organizers called the thing off. I wonder if Cuomo was afraid he’d have a PR nightmare to deal with.

A Potentially explosive confrontation over Gov. Cuomo’s tough new gun law was avoided over the weekend as 1199 SEIU, the hospital workers union, abruptly canceled a Thursday rally designed to challenge some 10,000 opponents of the governor’s measure, The Post has learned.

Weeks ago, the opponents announced that they would hold a rally Thursday. They said it would be one of the biggest protests ever at the state Capitol, with 10,000 or more in attendance.

But late last week, rally backers were startled to learn that 1199, which has strong ties to Cuomo, Mayor Bloomberg and the state Democratic Party, had joined with the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence to bus backers of the new law to a counter-rally.

“Join Us in Albany to Support Gov. Cuomo’s NY Safe Act to end gun violence,’’ the SEIU said on its Web site.

Assemblyman Bill Nojay (R-Rochester), who opposes the new gun law, said, “Rent-a-mobs to provoke a confrontation cannot have a good ending.’’

Brian Olesen, one of the state’s largest gun dealers, said many opponents of Cuomo’s measure viewed the SEIU rally as an attempt to provoke a confrontation.

Thanks to South of 5 and 20 for letting us know in the comments.