Nothing Like Michelle Malkin Poking Fun At Michelle Obama To Raise My Spirits


Malkin Dance
A friend of mine sent me the link to The Blaze’s story of how the left is quite upset that Michelle Malkin made a video spoofing Michelle Obama. I was reminded of it while watching Hannity. It’s hysterical that the left was outraged over Malkin’s video, but for the most part, gave Michelle Obama a pass. Watch them both, one is a just a woman with a political blog, the other is the First Lady of the United States.

I don’t know, you tell me, if Malkin had a cross-dressing man with her to spice things up would it be more acceptable? Hey, even a few liberals were offended by FLOTUS shaking her derriere on national TV. So why is it okay for her to do it but not Michelle Malkin?

Me, I just appreciate Malkin giving me something to chuckle about after my very bad day.

Addendum: Here’s Malkin’s appearance on Hannity, laughing about the whole thing.

Hey, the left is constantly following the Alinsky playbook, it’s about time the right started giving it right back to them.