New York Governor Andrew Cuomo – Abortion Radical

Photo Credit: Times Union

Photo Credit: Times Union

I’ve highlighted this before but it’s worth repeating, especially considering New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s comment that he agrees with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo 98% of the time. Cuomo’s abortion plans go beyond radical. He claims he’s pro-choice, but when it comes to Catholic hospitals, well he’ll give them a choice – perform abortions or go out of business. Oh, and women will be given the choice to put their lives in danger by having abortions provided by nurses and midwives. For the pro-abortion crowd, it’s like he’s slowly moving you back to the days of back alley coat hanger abortions. The next thing you know Democrats will start allowing witch-doctors to practice medicine.

The anodyne-sounding “Reproductive Health Act” is a very bad proposal indeed. Where it regulates, it regulates the wrong parties in the wrong way. But it also deregulates with equal disregard: It would among other things allow persons other than physicians to perform abortions. That is an innovation borrowed from Jerry Brown’s California, where midwives and nurses are permitted to perform abortions. The State of New York will not permit a burly man to lift a box without a state permit to operate a moving company, but gynecological surgery apparently is to be considered a matter for immediate regulatory relief.

New York does not want for access to abortion. Two in five pregnancies end in abortion in New York City; the rate for black women is 60 percent. The statewide figures are lower, but they are high enough. There are about 250 abortion clinics in the state, and 93 percent of the state’s women live in a county that is home to an abortion facility, according to the Guttmacher Institute. Nationally, abortion kills the equivalent of the combined populations of Atlanta and Cleveland every year. All that with no help from Governor Cuomo.

Governor Cuomo’s bill is not about easing access to abortion — those bloody skids already are well-greased. The issue is political domination. The abortion party does not brook resistance, and it steadfastly seeks to ensure that everybody has a hand in its grisly business: taxpayers, employers, priests. All must be implicated. If a religious hospital declines to provide abortions, then it must be forced to do so. If a counseling center treats adoption as preferable to abortion, it will either change its mind or have its mind changed for it by the gentle persuasion of the State of New York.

Read the whole thing. I don’t know why the Catholic church hasn’t excommunicated this guy by now. What are they waiting for? Instead they’re playing word games. Good grief.

Watch out, America, this Cuomo guy has his sites set on higher office. He’s gone full tilt left thinking of the primary. If he somehow manages to pull that out, expect him to go back to being a “moderate” and the media to play right along. Don’t say you weren’t warned. This man is a menace.