Michelle Obama Slammed For Using Military Members As Props For Oscar Appearance



Michelle Obama was slammed for using military members as props for her Oscar appearance. Even worse, she didn’t even thank the military. One former Marine fighter pilot and former VA official called it “statist propaganda” which sounds about right.

Ed Timperlake — a former Marine fighter pilot who served as an assistant secretary in the Department of Veterans Affairs under President George H.W. Bush — told The Daily Caller in an interview Monday that using the military as “window dressing” for a commercial event almost certainly “crossed the line” into “statist propaganda.”

“I thought it was unseemly,” said Timperlake, recounting his reaction while watching the Oscars. “I think the use of the service members crossed the line.”

“Putting her up on the stage to award an Oscar is fine. However, putting uniformed military behind her is coming up, maybe perhaps crossing the line where you’re using active duty military in their dress uniform as a prop … for commercial purposes,” Timperlake said.

Military regulations prohibit “the wearing of a military uniform during or in connection with the furtherance of any political or commercial interests,” according to the Department of Defense.

And although the Pentagon may make special exceptions to Hollywood for public relations purposes, Timperlake explained, the first lady’s use of the military went beyond anything he would have supported as a senior administration official. (Read More)

Military regulations are meaningless to these people, just like the constitution.

Oh well, at least her dress was nice. It should be considering the price tag.

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