Message From The Principal


Every week our public middle school principal sends out an “email blast” to keep parents up to date on what’s going on in the school. Today I was troubled to see that this week’s email contained this political message that very well could have been written by the propaganda artists in the White House. Who knows, maybe it was.

Act to STOP Sequestration now
Take Action!
Our students deserve the best education

Without action, sequestration cuts will take place THIS Friday, March 1.

It is anticipated that the cuts to education and other domestic programs will be 5.3 percent, and will impact federal funds for school budgets for the 2013-14 school year.

These cuts would affect millions of students and lead to potentially significant job losses and program eliminations for the nation’s schools, the educators who run them, and the students they educate.

According to reports recently issued by The White House, New York will lose approximately $42.7 million in funding for Kindergarten to 12th grade education. For children with disabilites, New York will lose approximately $36.3 million in funds for nearly 500 teachers, aides, and staff. And Head Start and Early Head Start services would be eliminated for approximately 4,300 children.

Our children cannot afford these devastating cuts – they deserve the best education that our global economy demands.

Tell Congress to stop these cuts to our childrens’ future. Our children deserve better.

Why are they sending out political messages using public school resources during work/school hours? And what message does this send our children? The national debt is $16.6 trillion and counting. The federal government has been running trillion dollar plus deficits for the past four years. But the message here is that we should continue living beyond our means and never cut spending. Not to mention how immoral this spending is – it’s generational theft – the children who deserve better are going to pick up the tab for this.


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