IRS Spending $4 Million A Year For Tax TV, But The $500 Million Contract To Politically Connected Firm Is Worse


At the end of a long day of work what do you feel like doing? Do you want to be reminded of how long you work for the government? If so, you’re in luck! The IRS is spending $4 million per year on their own television studio. They call it Tax TV! It’s “the internet’s premier source for news videos,” by golly. And you get to fund it. It looks like that $4 million per year gets you the taxpayer about one video per month. Why aren’t we hearing the politicians talking about the devastating consequences of cutting this vital program from our federal budget?


All sarcasm aside, this is just one relatively minuscule example (even though most of us could live our entire lives and never work again with that budget) of how the government wastes our money. And if you want a relatively huge example, read about how the IRS funneled almost half a billion dollars to one politically connected firm last year. it’s enough to make your blood boil. But all of this is why they have your taxes deducted from your paychecks. They figure you won’t notice. Apparently they figure correctly, or we would have seen a tax revolt by now.

But yeah, let’s all get worked up about the itty bitty budget cuts in the sequester. Good grief.