I Thought This Was A Joke



When I saw the headline at Fox Nation I thought this was a joke. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be. A Democrat in the Colorado state legislature was taped making the argument that Americans can protect ourselves from gun violence with ball point pens. Sheesh, at least DHS told us to use scissors.

Also on the subject of gun control, a bill in Washington state would have the police inspecting the homes of gun owners without warrants. It’s so blatantly unconstitutional that even some liberals are calling them out for it. Oh, and Obama’s Department of Justice says that gun control won’t work without mandatory confiscation. I’m sure all of the criminals will gladly let the government know where they’ve hidden their weapons.

(Image via Geekadelphia)

Update: Even more absurdity coming out of Colorado. Women are being advised to vomit or wet their pants if being attacked. And the Colorado house passed strict gun control legislation, despite the promise of a manufacturer to leave the state if said legislation is passed. The insanity is spreading throughout the blue states like a wild fire.

Update: Hey, instead of using pens, scissors, vomit and pee to protect ourselves, why down we all just arm ourselves with Q-Tips. Apparently they’re quite brutal, watch:

OK, so that was a joke. But these Democrats are deadly serious.