Harry Reid Might Pass A Budget, But There Must Be More Revenue


More revenue! More revenue! More revenue! You didn’t think that was over after the latest tax increase did you? The Democrats have an insatiable spending appetite, and no matter how much more revenue they get their grubby little hands on, they always want more. More. More. More.

Harry Reid said today on ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos that any deal to solve the looming batch of budget fights must, “without question,” include more forms of revenue as a means to further deficit reduction.

Reid set up the prospect of the elimination of subsidies to some oil and natural gas companies, invoking former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney to make the case for some new revenue-boosting measures. (Read More)

Of course he isn’t talking about eliminating subsidies to all of his “green” energy friends.

Oh, and it’s almost like Harry Reid is trying to guarantee a government shut down.