Geico Under Fire For Creepy Pig Commercial


Geico Pig

Have you seen the Geico commercial with the pig and the girl? It’s really kind of creepy and now the insurance company is taking heat from a group of moms who say it promotes bestiality.

Angry parents are up in arms over a “repulsive” cellphone app commercial that they say promotes bestiality.

One Million Moms wants auto insurance firm Geico to pull its latest TV campaign in which a woman appears to be flirting with a pig.

The conservative Christian group that monitors children’s programming issued a statement to condemn the clip.

The first time we saw it my son said “They should stick with the gecko.”

Here’s the video, what do you think?

Update: Linked by The Other McCain and The Daley Gator – thanks! They think OMM is going a bit overboard with the “offendeditis.” I can say, I prefer the Geico pig over Progressive’s “Flo” any day. Talk about creepy!

Update: Also linked by I’m 41 – thanks!