Fran Tarkenton: Mickelson Was Right And Tax Code Hurts The Little Guy


Pro-golfer Phil Mickelson took a lot of heat for complaining publicly about how much he’s paying in taxes. The prevailing attitude went something like this: “He’s super rich because he plays golf for a living. Why should anyone care what he thinks? He’s rich no matter what because he has fun for a living.” I guess we can thank the Democrat-Media complex, as Andrew Breitbart would have said, for that attitude.

Well, NFL Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton has come out in Mickelson’s defense, and also in defense of the “little guys” (or gals) like me:

Mickelson was telling the truth. If there’s anything that should upset or insult Americans, it’s just how much of their money the government takes. Mickelson estimates that more than 60% of his earnings are snatched in federal and state taxes (he lives in California). Should a private citizen, no matter how successful, really owe the government more than half of what he or she makes? Intuitively, this cannot make sense to anyone who believes in the principles of hard work and personal responsibility.

But Mickelson’s comments reveal something far more profound. He was talking about an increasingly complex tax code that also reserves special punishment for small businesses, working families and even the little guys. The rich, like Mickelson, can hire high-priced lawyers and accountants to compute their taxes and take advantage of loopholes. Or, they can pick up and move. The middle class is not quite so fortunate; most cannot simply pick up and move to a better economic climate.

Mr. LC and I would be some of those “little guys” who can’t find a way to escape our high tax and regulation state of New York. His business depends on his contacts, customer base and word of mouth. It took a decade to build that up. How long would it take in a new state? We’re stuck here in this gulag until we retire.

Anyway, be sure to read the whole thing, Tarkenton brought up some great points and if we all start clicking on, and sharing links to, common sense articles that appear on national news sites like USA Today maybe we can show the media that they have to take us seriously.